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The idea for DASPITE came from growing frustration at the lack of suitable, accessible resources for medical students. We soon realised that there was a large gap in the market for concise, accurate and relevant notes. As students we are encouraged to take charge of our own learning, to hunt out the best resources and decide whether they are reliable enough to be used. This process can be a long and challenging one, particularly when faced with the pressures of deadlines, placement and other responsibilities. 

Our aim is to create a resource that fills that need for medical students. Over time we hope to develop a range of articles on common medical and surgical conditions, as well as useful drugs. These articles are based on a common structure, DASPITE. This mnemonic has served us well so far in medical school, and we think it's a useful tool that covers the important aspects of medical/surgical conditions; Definition, Aetiology, Signs and Symptoms, Pathophysiology, Investigations, Treatment and Epidemiology.

DASPITE wouldn't be possible without the time and effort spared by our Specialty Editors, Reviewers and Authors. Thanks to them, we can make DASPITE free to use for medical students across the UK.

We hope you find DASPITE a useful resource,

Nabeel and Ben

Co-Founders, DASPITE


We believe in providing accurate, credible and up-to-date sources in all our articles. That's why we list all our sources, and we review each article after 12 months to ensure it has the latest information.


Our articles are written and reviewed by senior medical students, meaning they will always be at the right level for you. If you want to go into more depth, you can consult the sources we list at the end of each article.


As medical students ourselves, we know it can be a struggle to find sources relevant to us. That's why our articles are designed with you in mind, containing enough detail to give you an overview of the condition without all the boring bits.

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